Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Benefits of Teaching Math Games

With Easter around the corner, I have decided to have a Math Games Day.  Providing students with math games encourages consolidation of concepts studied in class.  Students are able to apply their mathematical knowledge while increasing their skills.  Math games often foster a positive attitude towards a particular math concept.  When games are differentiated, students are able to succeed regardless of their level.  I have two games that have been differentiated for these purposes.  One is the Draw a Bunny Addition Challenge and the Draw a Bunny Multiplication Challenge.  The other games are Addition Easter Egg Bump and Multiplication Easter Egg Bump.  I have also designed this game called "Race to the Easter Egg".  Student will draw number cards based on digits 0 to 99.  These will then strategically place their numbers on the board.  There are only 25 spots so students will have to choose their number positions wisely.  

 Math games played in the classroom become excellent home-school connections as well.  Students are often able to “teach” their parents concepts gained in the classroom.  Students whose first language is not English gain instructional “know how” as well.  Games are common in a variety of cultures.  Simple math games are quickly learned through direct observation and social interaction.
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