Monday, 29 June 2015

Make Your Masterpiece Challenge

Here's to week 3.  I've been working on this piece for a very long time.  Today, I finished it.

Reading Conference Binder Question Prompts 

I've worked hard at coming up with a reading conference binder that provides question prompts for reading strategies. Conference sheets include:  Retelling, Relating & Reflecting for Fiction and Non Fiction texts, Activating Prior Knowledge Prompts, Monitoring Comprehension Prompts, Sensory Images Prompts, Questioning Prompts, Determining Importance Prompts, Inferring Prompts and Synthesizing Prompts.  A binder cover sheet, an Independent Reading Observation as well as a Summary of Reading Observations Form is included.     

I use a binder and dividers (one divider per student).  Prompt sheets are placed in each student's slot.  I also provide a running record using the PM Benchmark running records toolkit.  I start the school year with this reading interest inventory.  It's a snapshot of my students' reading interests.  It also helps me choose materials students are interested in reading for my classroom library and future literature circles.

A photo of a reading interest inventory questionnaire.

I'm looking forward to using this conferencing toolkit in the fall.  

Monday, 22 June 2015

TpT Week 2 Challenge - Dare to Dream

I'm excited to be part of this challenge.  Last week, I created a new cover for my Media Literacy Unit on Deconstructing and Constructing a Commercial.  This week I've been challenged to dream for my TpT business.  Here goes:

TpT has given our family many blessings.  I struggled for many years to find a full-time permanent job.  Timing and lack of connections set me back.  I worked contracts for several years and raised my family.  When my first job opened up, it was part-time.  I continued to work part-time because I knew I wanted to be as connected to my children as possible.  They are now pursuing their post-secondary education.  Expenses have added up.  My first dream is to help pay for tuition fees and out of town expenses.

My second one is to fix up areas of my home that need a facelift.  My kitchen and bathroom are on my to do list.

Lastly, I love being good to others.  That could mean spending quality time with friends and family, treating them to dinner or gift giving.  I love to see delight in people's faces when I make them something special.  I promised myself I would learn something new this year and I have.  I can create jewelry pieces and present them as gifts.  I was thrilled to give some to my colleagues at work who have accompanied me this year.  I had a rough ride with health concerns.  Whether they stopped by to see if I was ok, give me a hug or help with my clubs and coaching, I am forever grateful for them. Here's what the pieces look like:


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Product Makeover

I'm excited to be part of a TpT Seller Challenge.  Thanks to Third in Hollywood, Sparkling in Second, Peppy Zesty Teacherista and Teach Create Motivate for starting this.

Here my new product cover for my Media Literacy Unit on Deconstructing & Constructing a Commerical:

It looked like this previously:

The contents include:

·      Deconstructing a Commercial Graphic Organizer
·      Guiding Questions for Commercial Viewing
·      Brainstorming Chart of Commercial Requirements
·      Camera Shots & Angles
·      Sample Storyboard
·      Storyboard Template
·      Storyboard Guiding Questions & Planning Sheet
·      Storyboard Rubric
·      Techniques of Persuasion Chart