Sunday, 25 March 2018

Author's Chair - Celebrating Student Writing

The Author’s Chair is a celebration of sharing a piece of writing.  It is considered a culminating task in the writing process.  The Author’s Chair is a good way to gain positive feedback from students’ peers.  An Author’s Chair has many purposes:

ü To develop ownership of a piece of writing
ü To develop learning skills that involve collaboration
ü To develop peer editing skills
ü To ensure motivation
ü To develop active listening skills as an audience
ü To reflect upon student work

     An Author’s Chair should have criteria co-constructed by both the teacher and students.  The teacher should model what reading in the Author’s Chair looks and sound like.  Some helpful hints to help your students look forward to their day in the Author's chair include:  

1) Providing a tag to wear.  Here's a sample:

2)  Validating the student's work with a certificate once the reading is completed

3)  Invite other students to come in to "hear" the author read.  A great example is if you have reading buddies or book buddies.  The "author" can showcase his or her work during reading time. 

4) Create an "Amazing Authors" bulletin board display showcasing students' work.

5) Ensure feedback is provided.  Reading is the fun part but having students directly involved in feedback allows the author to feel important, while creating a positive sense of ownership.  "TAG" feedback works well (Tell what you liked, Ask a question, Give a suggestion).    

6) Keep ideas on hand for writing.  Samples include:  Write About Books, Journal Task Cards, and Writing Choice Boards.  The possibilities are endless.   

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