Saturday, 17 December 2016

Subitizing & Ten Frames

Helping students learn to "subitize" is a valuable skill to learn.  Learning to subitize is the ability to see an amount of objects without counting them.  For example:
Subitizing tells you the number you rolled on a dice or number cube.  In this case, it's 5.  Another valuable way to learn number recognition is by using 10 frames.  Frames are often filled in from left to right.  Students begin with a five frame and move up to a ten frame.

Students will learn number combinations; for example when looking at the number 8, it can be 3 more than 5 or 2 less than 10.  These relationships are the building blocks to complex mathematical computations.

Encouraging vocabulary development is helpful when using thematic images in ten frames.  Here are some winter ones:

The snowmen frame move from left to right.  The shovels use a different combinations.  In this case, 4 and 4 more makes 8.
These frames may be lined up on a "number" line or used as flashcards during a math chat. 

Here's a free download to try:

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