Sunday, 30 October 2016

How to Make a Poppy Wreath

Remembrance day in Canada falls on November 11th.  Here's a great way to create a class poppy wreath:

You will need:
- Several sheet of red paper (8 - 1/2  X 11”)
-Sheets of black paper
- Scissors
- Glue
- Something to trace (e.g., small cup)
- Wire hanger
- Heavy duty tape

1.    Bend wire hanger into a circle shape.
2.    Make several copies of the heart template using red paper.
3.   Cut 6 hearts for each poppy.  Crinkle each heart and then glue them together.
4.    Use a small cup to trace a black circle.  Cut the circle and then cut small fringes into the edges.  Glue the black circle into the middle of your poppy.
5.   Attached each poppy to the hanger.  Use heavy duty tape.
6.   To create a full effect, add at least 10 to 12 poppies to the hanger.

Poppy Wreath Assembly Photos

You may download the entire free assembly and photo instructions here:

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