Saturday, 27 August 2016

Incorporating Media Literacy Into the Curriculum

In my jurisdiction, Media Literacy is one of the strands reported on in Language Arts.   Instead of teaching Media Literacy in isolation, I have used some ways to access, analyze, evaluate & create Media Literacy in different areas of the curriculum:  

Language Arts:  Have students document and store memories using pictures, photos, letters, journals or videos. 

Visual Arts:  Create a logo for a school department, a t-shirt or even a school fundraising project.

Social Studies:  Focus on one current event.  Look at how the issue is broadcast in various ways.  This is a great way to introduce comparing and contrasting as well. 

Math: Explore ratio, fractions, decimals and percentages of commercials to television shows; look at ratio of ads to newspapers or magazines. 

Science & Technology:  Show how media assists in scientific discoveries or inventions.  Explore news broadcasts, magazines or websites associated with science.

Healthy Living & Social Responsibility:  Is there gender bias in toys?  Look at how advertisements (both commercial and non-commercial portray toys).

For more indepth media literacy exploration, the following resource has been developed to provide practical ideas:



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  1. Great ideas! It's always helpful to link different learning areas together.