Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Earth Day Craft

Earth Day
Light Switch Cover

Here's a fun way to get your students involved in ways to make earth friendly choices. Below are directions on how to design your own light switch covers for your classroom or for the entire school. This is a great activity for your earth friendly school clubs or even a classroom project for Earth Day. 

-      cardstock
-      pencil
-      light switch plate
-      scissors & tape
-      markers or pencil crayons
1.             Begin by removing the light switch cover you would like to design.  Trace it onto cardstock with a pencil.  Trace only the outer frame and places where the light switches will be.
2.           Put the light switch cover back on.
3.           Design your light switch cover with a “save the earth” theme.  You may use your own designs or use decals, stickers or clip art.
4.            Cut the design out very carefully. 
5.           Attach your light switch cover onto the original light switch plate with tape. 

from Mrs. Naufal’s Nook © 2015


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