Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Seasonal Stories - Books Your Students Will Love

Hi everyone,

I'm so pleased to be taking part in this blog hop hosted by Brandi from Focused on Fifth.  Today I'm participating in Day Number 10 of her blog hop.  The focus is on books your students will love:

Two of my favourite books are Moostletoe and Santa's Pants are Falling Down.  They are both hilariously funny and do offer a springboard for great writing activities.

This verse story, told in a singsong rhythm, stars a moose who is determined that his family`s Christmas will be     "perfectly perfect. " Moose" shopped till he dropped. Check," and " baked tons of tins of cookies. Check," --but in his busy life he completely forgets to buy a Christmas tree. After a fruitless search in the snow on Christmas Eve, he finally has to do the right thing: stand in a corner and become the tree himself. A great rhyming story.

This book is a sure hit with students who love creating piggy back songs.  Often students will spend hours upon hours creating some fun songs.  We often showcase these on the last day before holidays and have a singing cafe.  All fun poems and silly songs can be turned into a class book.


  1. I am not familiar with Santa's Pants Are Falling Down. I will definitely be checking it out.

  2. Thanks for your comment Quintessential Lessons. The students always get a "kick" out of this book.