Monday, 10 August 2015

Decorating Your Own Work Space

So it's that time again!  Getting your class ready for your students.  What about your own work space?  I've scoured my house looking for some things that I could spruce up a bit.  I used borders, buttons, decals, stickers, masking tape and washi tape plus a dab of tacky glue.  Here's my first creation:

This was an old bulletin board that took on a new look with fabric.  I had two small pieces so I joined them together and then added a border.  I love a black and white theme.  This year, I've decided to add red as my "pop" colour.  Red masking tape and red buttons finish the look.

I used some recycled cans to make "catch alls" for my desk.  I'm thinking of using them for pens/pencils, markers, highlighter pens and rulers.  

Finally, this papier mache box got a whole new makeover.  

Off to find some new things to remodel!  Now it's your turn.....

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