Saturday, 30 May 2015

Planting "Fuzzy" Creatures

Here's a fun way to wind down our unit on soils.  Students have created their own "fuzzy" creatures.  Here's a list of items you need:

  • soil
  • grass seed
  • knee high nylons (one per creature)
  • spoons
  • baggies
  • measuring cups
  • pans or trays
  • spraying water bottle
  • pipe cleaners, toothpicks or googly eyes

1.  Give each child one full cup of soil.  Add 2 heaping spoons of grass seed to each cup of soil.  Place soil and grass seed in baggies that can be zipped.

2.  Have students mix the soil and grass seed together.  Make sure the baggie is zipped tight and have students shake until thoroughly mixed.

3.  Scoop mixture into knee high nylons.  Spritz water when nylon is filled half way.  Add more mixture.

4.  Seal nylon with a pipe clear.  Decorate creature with embellishments.

5.  Place creature on tray.  Spritz with more water.

6.  Place creature in direct sunlight.  Sprintz daily.  Soon enough you'll have your own fuzzy creature. 

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