About Me

Hi everyone,

I'm so excited to be part of the teacher blogging community.  My adventures in teaching have taken me from adult education to elementary education.  I have taught for over 25 years and am amazed by the changes in education over the years.  When I first started, we didn't have photocopiers or computers to work with.  Everything was recorded on pen and paper.  With the shift in technological advances, I am learning to "keep up" with my students. 

I love sharing my knowledge and expertise.  I also love learning from others.  My latest adventure is to learn to create my own clip art.  As a decorative artist, I have painted and illustrated many images over the years.  My classroom is somewhat "artsy".  I love engaging my own students in the process of creating beautiful pieces to surround themselves with.

I also enjoy teaching through inquiry and exploring ways to teach math!  It never came easy to me to learn math as a student but I have learned to use a variety of games, hands on activities and learning tools to assist students on their mathematical journeys. I look forward to sharing some of my teaching tips with you.

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