Sunday, 6 August 2017

First Week of School Survival Tips

Our jurisdiction begins school in September.  This is the month to begin prepping for a week of  getting to know your students, understanding their needs and building a positive classroom community.  A first day can be filled with multiple subject areas that reflect on students. Here's a fun math one: a great way to decorate a classroom is with a name glyph.   I have used these to create borders that stay up all year.

Each letter is traced onto a large paper. I used precut letters.  For example, the first letter asks if the student is a boy or a girl.  A design is completed based on that.  Once the glyphs are created, they are all different but the students are able to "read" them based on the glyph criteria.  The older the students, the longer the glyphs take to make.  They are quite meticulous by 6th grade when it comes to designing and colouring them.

Add more colour to your walls with these self created student portraits. After tracing their hands and feet, students sketch in their faces and bodies.  This becomes a "Falling into Grade......"  Students can write poems to accompany their portraits or short stories.  It's a mini biography of sorts.  One year, I posted the portraits at the top of the wall.  These stayed up for "Meet the Teacher Night"  with autobiographies under them.

Another great way to get to know your students is this free downloadable questionnaire.  


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