Sunday, 18 June 2017

Visual Rubrics & Qualifiers

        A rubric is a scoring scale based on criteria established for a product, performance or process.  Success is determined based on a scale of 1 through 4.  These are known as levels.  Not all tasks require a rubric but when they do, visuals and qualifiers should be provided to ensure students understand the requirements of the assigned task.

        Involving students in the process of creating rubrics helps develop a clear picture of the criteria necessary to complete the assigned task.  Providing visual rubrics also assists students in understanding the different levels associated with assessment.  When developing rubrics with your students, brainstorm a list of criteria that would be considered quality work based on student samples.

        To support student thinking, you can also begin with a list of qualifiers to choose from.  For older students, words that range from exemplary, efficient, developing to limited may support their understanding of the various levels.  For other students, "student-friendly" terms such as "explaining with ease", "most of the time", "some of the time" and "with difficulty" may support student thinking.  

        Below is a sample visual rubric:

For the entire Visual Rubric Qualifier Resource, click on the image below:

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