Monday, 28 December 2015

100th Day of School Activities

With a 100th day of school around the corner, we often see younger students celebrate the day.  I have always tried creative ways to celebrate the hundredth day of school with students in grades 3 and up.  I often start the day with fun math stations. Here are three free activities to try:

 The pack is made up of the following activities:

1) Target Number:

1.   The target number is 100.
2.   Player #1 draws two cards from the pile.  Player #1 will generate a two-digit number as close as possible to the 100.  The cards may be arranged in a different order from the way they were chosen.  For example, if a player chooses 3 and 9, then the number 93 instead of 39 can be generated.
3.   Player # 2 draws two cards from the pile.  Player # 2 will generate a two-digit number as close as possible to the target number.  The player who generates a number closest to the target number wins that round.

2)  Creating hidden messages in a 100's chart:

Students will have an opportunity to find and create hidden messages using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division strategies.       

3)  Finding ways to make 100:

The number 100 is chosen.  Students can create a variety of equations to reach 100 as their answer.  This is a great opener for a classroom warm-up.

To continue the fun 100th day activities, students who enjoy writing can participate in roll a story activities:  

Students will enjoy writing about 100th day with these fun printable 100th day writing pages for both emergent and established writers.

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