Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Recount Writing

Recount writing relates to a retelling of personal experiences or events.  Students often have difficulty free writing when given the direction to do so.  I have created a fun way to change recount writing into a positive experience.

Using a tri-fold display board, I have given students 16 choices for writing.  These include:  Best Halloween Costumes, Most Memorable Vacations, 3 Wishes, Most Embarrassing Moments, etc.  The trick is to ensure the students want to write by creating some fun covers.  Here's a sampling:

I often have these books sent home as part of a home-school connection.  I choose 3 students a night to take the books.  Of course, each book goes home in a beautiful canvas bag filled with themed pencils, pens, colourful writing tools and has a personal note attached to let parents know that their child will be reading their piece the next day in our Author's Chair.

The students may choose their own book and a sign-up display is included so I know who the books have been assigned to. You'll notice "library" pockets are cards are used for signing the books out. These are attached to the tri-fold board.  Books don't go home over the weekend.

For a free write about book, just click on the link below:

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