Sunday, 19 April 2015

Reaching Reluctant Writers - Part 2

The last post offered some ideas for enticing even your most reluctant writers.  With the Write About Books display board, jazzy writing covers for recount notebooks, themed pencils and a sign out system including library cards you will notice an increase in free writing.  Here's another fun way to draw students in:  themed writing paper.  I've always dabbled in my own art work through painting, pen and ink, chalk, pastel and charcoal drawings.  I have recently started creating my own clip art.

Using my own art creations, I have created themed writing paper for students to use.  The first experiment to make sure this was foolproof was my niece.  She loved the specialty papers.  For a free sampling check out my Writing Paper Sampler:

These themed papers have worked for final writing tasks.  They contain letter paper, half lined pages for both emergent and established writers.  


  1. Hi Sandra! I stumbled upon your blog from the TPT forums and I just love it- I'd like to nominate you for the Liebster Award! I love your ideas for reluctant writers. It's always a struggle in the classroom when you have some kids who get stuck and frustrated with writing. I'm definitely going to use your idea of creating more class books next year! Can't wait to read your next post!!
    Jessica -

    1. Thank you Jessica. This is my first time reading about this award. I'm so flattered you chose me!